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May 11, 2021
In Say no to Mongeham airfield!
Horse Riding can be a dangerous activity. Horses are naturally flight animals and riders as such need to minimise risk when riding. We can try and teach them that the bins and bags are not monsters getting ready to attack and it is okay to go past. It takes training, time and effort to get to a point where the horse and rider can relax slightly when on the roads and when riding out . Riders try and reduce the time they spend on the roads they would much rather be on safer bridleways unfortunately these safe areas to ride on are becoming few and far between. Deal Road ,Northbourne Road and even Stoneheap are the linking roads from Mongeham to the Bridleways that riders can ride comfortably on. That is why riders are often seen on these roads making their way to the bridleways. There are many horses in the surrounding areas. If this planned Airstrip were to go ahead these roads and our access to the bridleways will become far to dangerous. A plane in the sky hundreds of feet up may make a horse look and be aware but one making a landing approach or taking off will be a different matter.If you were riding along Deal road and one was approaching for landing at a low level there are going to be injuries or even deaths of horse or /and rider. The British Horse Society work closely with safety issues .They collect data of incidents involving horses to make riding safer. One part of the data collected is incidents involving low level flying. They have been able to work with the military involving low level flying of planes and helicopters and protocols have been put in place Military Pilots are meant to divert if they spot a horse and rider. The question is what action will these commerical pilots take, are they going to change their approach run or is this area going to be part of the statistics colleted by The British Horse Society. As the Maypole site stated Horses don't like low flying planes.


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