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David Bones Smith
May 11, 2021
In Say no to Mongeham airfield!
My parents have lived opposite the Field where the airstrip has been planned for Nearly 30 Years (I have spent most of my life there) and recently had Planning permission rejected for 2 bungalows for the following reason: 1. View obstruction from small footpath from northbourne - this airstrip will be an obstruction from Little mongeham towards northbourne taking up the entire length of the field. 2. Increased Traffic - 2 small bungalow's compared to a fully function air strip with 3750+ flights of pilots, family, Other users, operation Staff, Glamping Customers, Resources such as fuelling trucks, etc 3. Wildlife impact from removing a section of hedgerow for access - You are removing an entire section of field that would be home to wildlife I would also like to add that Noise pollution would be a Huge factor, not just from the planes but also from the 2 planned Helicopter pads that will be used Day and Night. How can they have double standards when it comes to things like this.....
David Bones Smith
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