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Horse Riding Minimising Risk
In Say no to Mongeham airfield!
Ross McKillop
May 12, 2021
It's interesting to see the parallels between the horse riding community and aviation. We're both just groups trying to enjoy a hobby safely and with consideration for others. Some thought needs to be given to proposed flight paths and roads linking to bridleways - however, ultimately, I'd have hoped the horse riding community would understand the aviation community's situation too. There are so many parallels between your post and aviation; Flying can be a dangerous activity, pilots need to minimise risk when flying (hence the longer runway than it technically 'required' for aircraft of this size for example) and airfields such as that proposed here allow pilots to enjoy their hobby safely - something, much like your safe areas to ride, that are becoming few and far between. I'd expect you'd support the creation of a new bridleway, equestrian centre, etc. Light aircraft pilots approaching grass fields will also give consideration to horse riders. If I saw one on the final approach path then I would be happy to continue to circle for a while at altitude and wait until the horse and rider had passed. Indeed there's plenty of light aircraft fields where you'll find dogs, walkers, etc... part of flying is constantly adjusting to the circumstances. The horse riding community is definitely one that should be engaged with as part of this plan but I'd hope for a mutual understanding from both groups as opposed to simply campaigning against it - after all, both are simply individuals trying to enjoy their own chosen recreational activity.
Ross McKillop
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