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May 12, 2021
In Say no to Mongeham airfield!
take note everyone of the noise of that light aircraft that flew over Mongeham and Northbourne at 10.30am today. Notice how loud it was? Since the plans went live it seems that pilots are flying over to have a look, this morning's example is typical of the noise they've been making. This nonsense from the pilots that they aren't noisy is just ridiculous. That aircraft was a single engined two seater, typical of the stuff they want to use the new airfield. And it was at transit altitude and cruising and I could still hear it clearly indoors as it passed over my house and I have triple glazing and 200mm of insulation in my walls. Imagine the noise at takeoff. That's what we are in for if this goes ahead, every summer weekend and evening, thousands and thousands of times each year. Anyone living within 2500m of this site take note of the noise of these passing aircraft that have suddenly taken an interest flying over us, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The way aircraft present noise from overhead means the nuisance travels far and wide, this stuff about it being like lawn mowers and passing cars is ridiculous. There's no comparison as whoever it was that flew over just proved to us all.


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