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Amanda Snell
Apr 21, 2021
In Say no to Mongeham airfield!
Hi Just had a lesson on my horse. I was having a chat with my Riding Instructor and mentioned the proposal for the airstrip as we can see the footpath from the arena, I also mentioned that this could be a new Maypole. She proceeded to tell me she use to teach at the livery yard at Maypole and was always very surprised how for a small private airstrip it was always so busy. In the space of her teaching hour there was 3 planes taking off and landing She said it was busier in the summer as the ground was often too wet in the winter. She also mentioned there was always a lot of noise as the pilots would be tinkering with their engines or repairing bits, so often banging or engines running. Not sure how green this sounds to me.
Amanda Snell
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