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In Say no to Mongeham airfield!
Joe Edwards
Jun 28, 2021
I'm no expert in equine husbandry, but a friend established an airstrip on his land under the 28 day rule for his own aircraft's use - and some objectors (there were a few, not everyone was in favour of "Heathrow Mk 2") tried to use the "it'll scare the horses" line. That failed because horses have no natural airbourne preditors - and so were just not bothered by the occasional aircraft movement. Ended up as a mute point because it was another non truth. I'm a bit confused by the heights given in this drawing too..... I don't think whom ever drew it has even flown into a 750M strip... they seem unrealistically low to me - no need to be that low - apart from the final part when on approach to the runway of course ! Where for most aircraft that can use this short length of runway will be at engine idle or darn near it in that flight phase. As for the take off part - when of course it will be at full throttle, but there are always applicable noise abatement routes to avoid homes and businesses which are noise sensitive - it's just part and parcel with Light and Commercial aviation these days - what ever the size - and everyone sticks to them because it makes sense to. I'd also like to echo others in that a grass strip airfield is an absolute haven for all sorts of wildlife - flora and forna - even avian - who get along fine with their man made mimics. I can understand the feelings of those local, of course. But it is still best for everyone to use real and not supposed facts though.
Joe Edwards
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