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Want to know what your donations have been spent on?

Looking for a quick update on how the campaign is progressing?

Read on and then spread the word.

Read the latest press released from Chocks - Go Away

What your support and generous donations
have helped us achieve so far

  • Thousands of leaflets printed and distributed across affected parishes

  • Press releases and advertisements

  • Interviews and articles published

  • More than one hundred protest signs put up around the district by people who support the Chocks campaign

  • Detailed planning assessment of policies by expert planning consultant + ongoing advice

  • Detailed community representation summarising the views put forward by all members of the community, validated and overseen by our planning expert

  • Expert lead pollution risk assessment by professor of public health

  • Highways safety risk assessment

  • Visual impact study to show just how visible the site will be

  • Expert noise consultancy which DDC has taken onboard where residents challenged information put forward by the applicant’s noise assessment

  • Community raffle event & information update



What’s happening now?


  • Working with DDC planners to ensure the case is up to date with the latest responses from consultees

  • Ongoing work by our expert planning consultant – we can’t share too much detail yet but rest assured she is working hard for us

  • Assessment of planning policy and law by a specialist solicitor

  • A further assessment of noise is expected by Dover Environmental Health. We will keep you posted and our noise consultant is following developments

  • And lots more in progress. We don’t expect the case to go to the planning committee for a couple of months yet while DDC concludes various consultation aspects. We will, of course, let everyone know as soon as a date is set and we will keep you updated 

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